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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hate For Haters: Sara B.

Jon G. Hates Sara B.
I really, really hate Sara B. People like her are the kind of people who are going help perpetuate the myth that all guys want in life is ass sex with a hot female, and that teenagers are retarded. Here's a fucking hint: IT'S NOT JUST HIGH SCHOOL GUYS. The ones who are like that in high school aren't changing when they get older. To quote my best friend's grandpa, "When I can't remember a girl's name, I just call her 'honey' or 'baby' until she lets me do her, then I ask what her name is." What in the bloody fucking hell makes you think they'd change? Oh wait, you're a fucking MORON with a vagina that emits the stench of deep-fried black death. If you hate guys who only want you for sex, why don't you date a nice guy? Oh, wait, they're not attractive, and god fucking forbid you date a guy for his personality instead of his looks. Pull the carrot out of your anus, buy some antibiotics for your crusted vaginal warts and grow a brain that actually works. Bitch.

I once dated a girl whose anus emitted a cloud of foul-smelling mist whenever I got near her. Turns out, she was a skunk and I was only dreaming...but man, what a weird dream that was.


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