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Friday, September 02, 2005

Hate For Haters: Julie M

Andrew from Philidephia

I hate people that use the term “WE ARE PENN STATE” (Julie M, this includes you) it’s the stupidest fucking term I have ever heard. What are you, part or the campus or something? Yeah whatever, it’s a big school and half the damn state goes or went there. Get over it, their football team blows now and you still hear that stupid ass WE ARE PENN STATE being thrown around all over the place. Even at their graduations, some douchebag has to stand up and start chanting that and the rest of the cult chimes in. Oh yeah and the branch campus people are pieces of shit?? I went to state school in Pennsylvania as well and there were branch campus’ there too. Did you ever think that maybe some people go to them because they have to work close to home and maybe pay for their own school? Oh, whats that little princess bitch??? Your daddy paid for your tuition and your new red Jetta? And the insurance? And your credit card??? Tough life you must live having everything paid for by daddy and mommy. But I guess you work over the semester breaks at Gap or something so you can get a discount on clothes….that makes your daddy happy since he is saving 20 bucks on your $500 purchases on his credit card. And you are the same little cunt that has daddy’s friend at a company get you some great job that you didn’t have to do shit for. I really hate your kind, but hey, you got a great SAT score, so that should make you, daddy, and mommy proud….so proud that they bought you a brand new car for! Your birthday!!!! I hate you, goodluck in the real world with rent, car payments and bills....but then again, we all know how that will go.

I feel the same way about spoiled princesses. It's like, when I got access to my trust fund, I bought my OWN car. I didn't need Mommy and Daddy's help at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bet if your parents offered to pay for your education, you'd let them.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate people like you, who, because you're jealous, hate and stereotype people like me.

p.s. My vocabulary is also clearly more advanced than the word "fuck". Maybe that's why I got my amazing SAT score.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't need a "great" or even particularly good SAT score to go to Penn State...

9:19 PM  

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