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Friday, September 09, 2005

Hate For Fake-Playas

Jeff C of Brock University Hates

The "All Talk No Walk Playa" Every so often when I'm hanging out with my friend he always says "Hey lets go pick up some girls". Knowing that this is a pathetic attempt to show he is a "playa", I find a girl (that was starring at me mind you) and try to hook them up. I introduced them and everything. But no he has to get all retard shy and walk away. I mean come on I set up the pins and he just doesn't knock them down (Probably needs to polish his ball off some more, ah thank you). To all you shy guys whose balls haven't dropped yet, when you say you want to find a girl mean it 'cause in the end you'll just look like a stupid jerk ass niny face. That's right I said it.

To be fair, not everybody likes bowling. Maybe you should try setting the serve for him instead and see if he spikes it?


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