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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hate-Back, Sara B.

Sara B.

Jon G. Wow! I applaud you, that was very moving. i'm sorry you hate me so much, but i guess that's what this site is all about isn't it? Contrary to your beliefs, I'm not the bitch, moron or myth perpetuator you think I am. I AM looking for a nice guy, they just don't seem to be looking for me. I know all guys aren't like that, I was just hating on the ones who were (which seems to be half of my senior class). It seems I don't want to date senior citizens either, or at least ones related to your best friend! lol

I would especially like to compliment you on this vivid piece of diction.."Pull the carrot out of your anus, buy some antibiotics for your crusted vaginal warts and grow a brain that actually works. Bitch." that was impressive. I haven't seen hate like that since 1998.

And about thinking they would change...I guess that was just my little thread of hope I was holding onto. And you also seem to think I'm some superficial ass just looking for the "hotties." That's not the case at all. I'm smarter than that. I just needed to vent about some jerks I had recently come across. So sorry, Jon, but maybe I wouldn't have to complain so much if I came across more nice any "fuckin hints" for that?

Jon, anything to say?


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