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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hate For Less-Thans

Julie M.
I hate kids that go to off branch, satellite campuses and claim they are part of your university!! They are not. These douchebags spend their time fuckin-off 15 minutes from home and going to highschool parties. Yet, miraculously after their sophmore year they bring their less than impressive gpa and worse SAT scores to a real college i.e. main campus, in my case University Park. Fuck these kids!!! Just because you are too lame to leave home after highschool and have separation anxiety when away from the parental unit for more than a consecutive 48 hours, don't "try out" the college life at home and then bring your 20 year old dumbass to MY university equiped with a campus map and homesickness. PSU.. WE ARE... YOU AREN'T!!!!!!! I hate you satellite campus fucks!!!!!!
I felt the same way about kids that went to University of Pheonix Offline.


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