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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hate For Insensitivity

Lee from NWMSU

I hate guys who use the word ‘faggot’ derogatorily, especially the ones who use fag in every other sentence. Not only are they impossible for me have a conversation with, but the cuntshits assume it’s still an okay descriptor to use. It is true they are fucking cumdumpsters whose penis-wart-of-a-mentally shows they picked up the word sometime in middle school, and still HAVE NEVER FUCKING LEFT THE PLACE. I hate them. Every time I hear them I want to stab them in the fucking EYE with a shit covered fork! Or better yet, my really hard dick! At least they might enjoy that, as they’re probably homosexuals themselves, trying to suppress their own flaming subconscious urges for juicy malelove sticks. I can only pray that sparkling unicorns of doom will rain down and impale the stupid hick shits through the ass cracks that are their faces. Fucking homophobes…

I guess Lee wasn't big on the last post...oh well.


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